L’école Chempaka International opens in Kochi, near Vallathol Junction at Trikkakara

L’école Chempaka International, Kochi is a venture under the flagship of L’école Chempaka society of Educare, Trivandrum, established in 1984, initially with the objective of developing a holistic approach to pre-school education and further extended to include all levels of schooling in the last two decades. After 35 years of successful journey, ‘The Chempaka’ went global when Athena Education, Dubai was handed over the charge to carry on the legacy with International standards and global networks. Our chairman Mr. VNP Raj’s philosophy of education is deeply grounded in philanthropy and social grace. It is our good fortune to be here in Kochi and in these strange times, this is where we can thrive with purpose.

The Cambridge Primary school with KG/Preschool under Chempaka model is located in a green environment near Vallathol Junction at Trikkakara, in perfect harmony with Mother Nature to learn, explore and play. Our child-driven philosophy creates a stress free environment, where teachers spend more time in nature nurturing values and developing skills in students and children learn by building on their own discoveries and interests to develop connection with the natural world.

We offer the Cambridge Courses for Grade I and II and a dynamic curriculum in Kindergarten, to enrich and support the modern curriculum with a “Green” teaching methodology. It is the need of the hour to foster Sustainable Societies and Green Leaders. The School Head, Ms. Sudha Menon, can be reached at coordinator.ig@chempaka.org or 9349336166 for any information.