Relationships in schools are significant for the establishment of a nurturing environment of trust and support. Student- teacher relationship is the most crucial relationship in schools. But other school relationships are important as well such as the principal- teacher relationship, principal- parent relationship, principal- student relationship, teacher- parent relationship, manager- principal relationship, manager- teacher relationship, and manager- student relationship. These varied relationships contribute to a harmonious school environment.

As the Managing Director of Athena Education group of schools, I understand the relevance of connecting with the students. Interaction will help them feel connected to school, family, and society and thereby succeed in life. With this view in mind, I decided to reach out to the students through the interaction programme - Rendezvous with VNP Raj.

Rendezvous with VNP Raj is a forum for the student government of the Athena schools to share their activities and ideas with me. It also gives me an opportunity to share with the student council members the significance of Athena values, relevance of school clubs, and importance of philanthropic values.

The interaction programme Rendezvous with VNP Raj would be conducted once every week. The first meeting was with the Student Government of Grammar School, Dubai conducted on 02 February 2021.

Please watch the video.